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Optional Classroom Supply Lists

Below are optional classroom supplies that you may want to bring in for the school year. Your child's teacher will provide the necessary classroom supplies for the school year, such as pencils, crayons, paper, and glue. Other items may be requested by each teacher during the school year. Please note that the Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education to you free of charge. The Palisades staff thank you for your support!


Please do not label items since everything is shared.
1 Clear-View White 1 Inch Three-Ring Binder (No Name)
3 Boxes of Crayola Brand Crayons (Count: 16 or 24)
4 Small Glue Sticks
2 Boxes of Tissues
1 Container of Clorox/Lysol Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes
1 Box of Gallon Ziploc Bags
1 Jar of Rubber Cement

1st Grade

1 Inch Three-Ring Hard Cover Binder with View Finder
2 Glue Sticks (Avery or Elmer’s)
2 Packages of Thick Primary Pencils
1 Box of Crayola Brand Crayons (Count: 16)
1 Box of Crayola Brand Colored Pencils (Count: 12)
1 Plastic Pencil Box (8 ½ x 5 ½ x 2 ½ Inches)
1 Pink Pearl Eraser (No Pencil Toppers)
1 Tray of 8 Colors (Crayola Brand Water Colors)
1 Package of Lysol Wipes
1 Package of 3 x 3 Inch Post-It Notes
1 Dry Erase Marker

2nd Grade

1 Box of Crayola Brand Crayons (Count: 24)
1 Box of 12 Crayola Brand Markers (Classic Colors)
6 Glue Sticks
1 Pack of Eraser Pencil Toppers
1 Dozen #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga)
1 Large Box of Tissues
1 Large Container of Disinfectant Wipes 
1 Yellow Highlighter
6 Fine Point White Board Dry Erase Markers (Black, Blue, or Green)
1 Three-Ring Binder (1 Inch)
1 Children's Safety Scissors
1 Ream of White Copy Paper

3rd Grade

1 Box of Twistable Colored Pencils (Count: 8 or 12)
1 Box of Crayons (Count: 16 or 24)
1 Box of Primary Color Markers (Count: 8 or 10)
1 Yellow Highlighter Pen
2 Glue Sticks
1 Blue or Purple Ballpoint Pen
2 Dozen #2 Pencils 
2 Ruled Composition Books (8 ¾ x 7 ½ Inch)
1 Ream of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
1 or More White Board Dry Erase Marker Pens (Wide or Thin)
1 Package of 3 x 3 Post-It Notes
1 Box of Tissues
1 Container of Disinfectant Wipes
1 Scissors

4th Grade

1 Box of Colored Pencils (Count: 12)
1 Dozen #2 Pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga or Papermate)
1 Box of Crayons (Count: 12 or 16)
1 Scissors
1 Glue Stick
1 Elmer’s Glue
1 Pencil Box (8 X 5 Inch or Smaller)
1 Eraser
1 Red Pen (For Correcting)
1 Ream of Notebook Wide-Ruled Filler Paper
2 Wide Ruled 8 ¾ X 7 ½ Inch Composition Books
1 Yellow Highlighter Pen
1 Box of Tissue
1 Canister of Disinfecting Wipes
1 Ream of Graph Paper
3 pocket folders
1 Ear Buds for Chromebooks
1 or More Whiteboard Markers (Chisel Tip)

5th Grade

5 Individual Folders
1 Scissors
1 Dozen #2 Pencils
1 or More Highlighters
1 Packet of Notebook Filler Paper (College Ruled – Loose)
1 Packet of Graph Paper (1/4 inch)
1 or More Blue Medium Point Pens (Erasable)
1 or More Thin Expo Markers
1 Box of Crayons
1 Box of Crayola Markers
1 Box of Colored Pencils
1 Centimeter/Inch Ruler
1 or More Glue Sticks (White)
1 or More Elmer’s Glue Bottles
1 or More Packets of Post-It Notes (Small and Large)
1 8” x  5 Inch Pencil Box
1 Box of Tissues 
1 or More Expo Markers
1 3-Ring Binder (2 Inch or Smaller)
2 Spiral 1 Subject Notebooks
1 Black Sharpie Pen
1 Package of Disinfecting Wipes
1 Container of Hand Sanitizer
1 Stack of 3 x 5 Inch Index Cards


Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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