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School Site Council

What is School Site Council? 
School Site Council members develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets, including the Single Plan for Student Achievement. Members of School Site Council are elected, except for the school principal. In addition, School Site Council meetings serve as the School Discipline & Safety Committee for Palisades. All California public schools are required to have a School Site Council.

Who can serve on School Site Council? 
School Site Council consists of ten members (five parents and/or community members; three teachers; one “other school personnel” such as a non-classroom teacher or site classified staff member; and the principal). Parents/community members elect parents/community members, teachers elect teachers, and “other school personnel” elect “other school personnel.” The principal is not an elected position.  

When are School Site Council meetings held?  
School Site Council will meet approximately 5 times during the school year on Thursdays at 2:20 p.m. Meetings are open to the community/public and typically last an hour. School Site Council members and the community will be notified in advance when a meeting will be held. There must be a quorum of 6 or more School Site Council members for a meeting to take place. School Site Council agendas are posted on the front office window.      

School Site Council Bylaws - Review the School Site Council Bylaws.

Single Plan for Student Achievement - Review Palisades' Single Plan for Student Achievement.